Live View For Multiple Devices At Once

I currently have a CCTV system (to be Ring CCTV soon) that connects directly from the DVR to my TV so I can view all 4 cameras with live view 24/7. I can also view all 4 cameras on my PC via a LAN IP which is another great benefit.
I’m upgrading my CCTV to 4 Ring cameras, but unfortunately, this doesn’t have the same Live View 24/7 benefit as my current CCTV system. So may I make an important suggestion to be able to have this benefit?
At the moment I can see my Ring doorbell and driveway camera, but I can ONLY click 1 to view it live. It would be GREAT if i can view all of the Ring cameras live. This way, while I’m browsing the web, I can simply click the Ring website and quickly view ALL of my cameras in live motion.

Other than that, keep up the good work Ring team because you work is very impressive and the support on Facebook is FANTASTIC!


Multiple camera viewing is needed as a part of ring security. I though it was available when I bought my ring cameras.

Hi Ring Community,

I hope this post finds you all well. I recently had a conversation with the Ring team and shared a feature idea that I believe would enhance our experience with Ring devices. I wanted to bring this idea to the community for discussion and support.

Feature Request:
I would love to see the ability to view multiple camera angles live at the same time when multiple Ring cameras are grouped together. Currently, we can only view one camera live, but it would be incredibly useful to have a split-screen or multi-view option, allowing us to monitor all our cameras simultaneously.

Why This Would Be Beneficial:

1.	Enhanced Security: Being able to see multiple camera angles in real-time would significantly improve security monitoring, especially for larger properties.
2.	Convenience: It would save time and effort switching between individual camera views, making our Ring devices more user-friendly.
3.	Peace of Mind: This feature would provide peace of mind to users by providing a comprehensive view of their surroundings.

I kindly request that Ring considers implementing this feature in future updates. If you support this idea, please comment and like this post. Let’s show our enthusiasm for this potential enhancement to Ring’s already impressive lineup of features!

Thank you for your time and consideration. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

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I would also like to vote for this feature request as well!

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Doubt will ever happen, they don’t want the bandwidth that would take on their server. Why live stream times out unless premium.

Problem with all these proprietary infrastructure camera companies. Want to control who what when why. Because a camera you bought using internet you pay for should be limited and hobbled by what you are willing to pay monthly in order to use. I’m all for a premium subscription that provides value, not as a barrier to hold basic functionality hostage and that’s exactly everything Ring is and does

I’m all for a premium subscription that provides value, not as a barrier to hold basic functionality hostage and that’s exactly everything Ring is and does

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If you guys are able to make it where we can watch multiple camera at a time on our computer dashboard would be very helpful for security at facilities. I definitely found this thread trying to do this for my Commercial Facility I own a little bummed we can’t do this. I was looking at the PoE Cameras are those any different? Thank you.


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Is there a way to to see all the cameras live at once on the dashboard? I hate how you have to click the individual camera to see motion.

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Same issue here. Set up my ring cameras and did not realize I cannot view multiple live streams simultaneously. Just add it to my sub fee! Also any new commenters here with the same issue please scroll to top of the page and vote on this topic!

Come.on ring team, it’s a simple feature that should be out of the box why is it taking so long

If I were to install a security system with video cameras from a standard source (ie. other than Ring) I most likely would have the ability to see all the cameras live at the same time. Ring cameras don’t behave like traditional IP cameras so I can see how the technology would be difficult to modify to display a live view for all camera’s simultaneously. I was thinking, however, that they do have identifiers and there is now a Ring Bridge. My suggestion would be to offer an upgrade to a system that would allow the bridge to assign a private IP address to each of the cameras by the bridge. Before I get into some additional details and bore most people, let me give you the reasoning here.
The Ring Bridge has the ability to contain software to protect and restrict access to the Ring ecosystem behind the Ring Bridge while still maintaining the ability to communicate with Ring servers.
– boring details for tech people –
Not going to go into actual programming but essentially here is how I see the system operating.
Because the bridge already establishes access so that each ring device can talk to other ring devices connected to the bridge, we just have to create virtual network cards inside the bridge as well as allow the bridge to create as many virtual cards as needed. You’ll also need it to be able to function like a switch so it can assign IP addresses to each of those virtual cards as assigned by the home networking router. Now each of those cards also pretends to be a ring device that then forwards it’s instructions to the actual ring device on the network it’s been assigned to. Essentially we are using the bridge to create virtual ring devices inside the bridge that then will pass instructions on to physical ring devices connected to the bridge. This allows anyone to choose to route that data across a private network and now you can use special ring software for windows, mac, android, ios, etc… that is designed for a Ring security package that allows you to watch live streams from all your camera’s at once, regardless of where you are.

This would probably increase the load on Ring servers as well as an increase in cost to this new type of bridge. My guess would be that if Ring decided to do something like this, there would be a premium monthly fee as well as a more expensive version of a Ring Bridge.

I think most of us are using these cameras for anti-theft/security. The ability to monitor multiple views (on one device) at the same time is paramount, otherwise we have to guess when and where the would-be thief may be. Can we please get this feature ASAP.

I too would very much want this feature, but I don’t think it is coming. Having multiple live stream would encourage users to create an always on dashboard with all cameras running, creating increasing server and storage cost for Ring. You know they are squeezing every dollar when all those new “smart” recording features are basically there to limit when recording starts and limit the duration of the recording when it starts. Adding a multi camera stream would go against their ethos of cost minimization, and is another reason why 24/7 recoding won’t happen.

it’s now done . you can view live steams of up to 4 cameras at once from dashboard. start live views.

Hi neighbors, I’m happy to share that Ring Protect Plus and Pro Subscribers can use the new Multi-Cam Live View feature on This feature allows you to use the Live View from up to 4 Ring devices at a single location simultaneously. You can learn more about Multi-Cam Live View here. This is only available on, not the Ring app, and you must be a Ring Protect Plus or Pro subscriber to use it. Let me know if you have any other questions! :slight_smile: