Live view failure and Motion Detection errors after Ring Protect free trial ended

Hello all,

I thought I’d make a dedicated thread for this issue, as it is evident from some of the forum postings that I am not the only one suffering from it.

Having received a doorbell 2 for Christmas which was working near perfectly, on the day the free trial ended – things went wrong:

  1. Inability to use Live View after a motion alert (or in some cases at all)
  2. Advanced motion detection zones not working
  3. Huge increase in motion detection notifications

The current solution for myself and others, as helpfully noted by user @Onehockeydad is to disable advanced motion detection and instead rely on the still functional but sub-optimal basic motion detection with pre-set zone control.

Below are my thoughts:

Since most people who set up a Ring doorbell for the first time will have the free trial subscription, they will likely have enabled person detection and advanced motion zones – because it makes sense to try them out. Both feature work well!

On the day their subscription ends (maybe because like me, they may well wonder whether they would actually miss the subscription features and want to find out), they find out:

  1. Video history has been deleted – PASS, this is expected.
  2. Person detection has been disabled – PASS, this feature uses cloud computer processing to process the images & the phone App states it requires a Protect Plan
  3. Advanced motion detection is no longer working – FAIL, the app suggests it should work without the Protect Plan. I suspect the feature is actually reliant on the cloud processing, despite the App suggesting it should be available
  4. The advanced motion detection failure triggers a failure in Live View – FAIL, live view shouldn’t be dependent on the motion detection algorithm

So, I believe there to be 2 main bugs:

  1. Live View ability shouldn’t be tied to motion detection settings.
  2. Advanced Motion Detection shouldn’t be dependent on the cloud/Protect Plan - or should be marked as such

In my opinion, resolution to issue 1 should be confirmed and fixed as a software update - live view should just work (aside from connectivity issues of course).

Resolution to issue 2 - If advanced motion detection is supposed to work without the Ring Protect plan – well, then obviously it’s a bug that needs sorting. If however, it does indeed require cloud computing – then the Ring technical team need to either update to provide this cloud processing feature for free OR update their App and documentation to state it is a feature only available with a plan (just like person detection) and turn it off automatically when a subscription lapses.

I don’t think it would be unreasonable to have the advanced motion detection as part of the paid plan, although as an end user who saw it as a free feature setting – I am a little disappointed that this looks to be the case.

I and others would really appreciate getting a technical response from the Ring team, (especially as to whether the advanced motion zoning feature is actually intended to be a non-subscription feature) and a statement of what the plan of action going forwards is.


Posts I’ve referenced:


Spot on with your analysis J1mmy. A pretty poor situation from Ring.


This is exactly what has happened to me also. All features worked perfectly during my 1 month trial, then from the minute the trial ended the zones stopped working and live view fails almost every time now. Quite blatant from Ring. Didn’t have one instance of either of these features failing during the one month trial.


Same. I will return my Ring.

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The doorbells I had from another manufacturer had TF card slots and all my videos were stored for the last year.
I thought the ring doorbell would have a tf card slot to store video if you don’t use the subscription service.
I think I can’t use the doorbells without a subscription.
If this is the case, please let me know.
I have been reading posts from other people who did what I did, and once the subscription expires, the doorbell stops working.
I hop they do a firmware update to at least allow basic function without a subscription
Otherwise, I will send these back

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I am having similar problems. My free subscription does not expire until 8/17 (today is 8/6). I have uploaded current billing information (and thought I pre-paid) already, yet I am getting the message “The video is not available. A Ring plan or trial was not active when the event took place.” The weird thing is, that it is sandwiched between other videos that display correctly.

Hi @Quasimodo. The Ring system is currently experiencing some delays. More information about this can be found by clicking the red banner at the sop of the screen or by visiting Thank you for your patience while we work to resolve this.

I am having the exact same issue as quasimodo and I have a paid plan. If I cant see who is at my door when the motion detector goes off what is the point?

We have had the same issues. This is just a perfect example of greed in the world. Amazon paid 1 billion for the company and they are going to get every penny out of their customers.

They obviously know they have issues with the advanced settings like the zone feature. I just think they are going to act like it still works but it really doesn’t and it frustrates the consumers enough that they give in a pay for the subscription.

I’m not into deception and greed. It’s some of the problems with this world.

Returning these products. This is exactly why I buy from Best Buy and can return up to 60 days.