Live feed not working

Not sure what is going on, but I
Having all kinds of issues with my ring camera live feeds…
they don’t seem to want to connect a lot of the times … all my RSSI are green… sometimes they connect and sometimes they just won’t… what is weird is that sometimes the ones closest to house and routers won’t connect while the ones further away will… also one of my cameras is a spotlight cam and it seems to loose connection a lot , just don’t understand … the only change I have made is a new faster router which is a NETGEAR night hawk RAXE 300… very fast router as I have gig service…I have taken this router back 3 times and exchanged it thinking it was the router , but all 3 did the same thing, even tried a different model and same problem… so I
Pretty confident it’s not my router…

But did hook back up older router and seem to work I have no problems with all my other devices using my new router just the ring cams… I have 1 door bell, 1 spotlight 1 plug
In and and 11 stick up cam batteries and all battery fully charged

@user63613 SO if it all worked on your old router, but the cams do not work on the new router then its something to do with the new router. Either it doesn’t have as good of a range or it could be set up in a way where maybe it is connecting on different wifi bands. What model was your old router?

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