Live Feed Activation when Motion Detected?

Ring Peephole Cam with Alexa Echo Show 5 – New Installation

Can the Live View automatically open when motion is detected?

Live View does open when the doorbell is activated.

If Motion-Only Activation is not currently available, is there a plan to add this skill in a future update?

Hey @myprecious. The Motion-Only Activation to automatically pull up your Live View on the show is not a feature at this time, but we are hoping that Amazon Alexa brings in this integration soon! To put it into perspective, we’ve had this ask from our neighbors for awhile now, and in March we were finally able to get this integrated view Doorbell pushes to automatically pull up the Live View. Since this was just implemented in March, it may be awhile until it is implemented for Motion events as well. Just wanted to give you that food for thought, but we will make an announcement in our News and Announcement section of the Community when this feature is brought to existence! No ETA at this time though. Hope this helps clear this up for you. :slight_smile:

OK. Odd that it was not implemented with doorbell activation. Thank you for your prompt reply.

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