Linking Video Doorbell 3 sounds to hearing aid through I-phone X

My iPhone X is linked to my hearing aid. Virtually all sounds go to my hearing aid directly via bluetooth: alerts, phone calls, iTunes music, etc and phones built-in speaker is silent. The only exception is my recently bought Ring Video Doorbell 3. All its sound come from the phone’s speaker. I particularly need to hear the Doorbell “intercom” directly to my hearing-aid. How can I achieve that? B Daly

Hi @85909a87875906ed7e53dead09d5cb. Is this the first Ring device you have, or do you have any other Ring devices with two-way audio, and have those been working with your hearing aid? Is your hearing aid linked to your iPhone via bluetooth, or does it use any type of app to set anything up?

I have the same issue/question. We have a single Ring doorbell. I have Bluetooth hearing aids connected to my iPhone. All sounds from the iPhone go to the hearing aids except for the notifications when someone presses the doorbell. The doorbell will ring on the phone if I have the mute button off, so I know doorbell is communicating with my phone. The mute button is always on mute and all other sounds go to the hearing aids. How do I get the doorbell notification to go to my Bluetooth connected hearing aids?

Hi @ChiefKAW. Do you receive notification sounds through your bluetooth hearing aids from any other apps? You mentioned that you have the mute option enabled, which would mute all notification sounds and your phone would likely only vibrate. With the mute option on, are you receiving notification sounds from other apps, or are those also silenced?

No, text message notifications do not come through the hearing aids either. I get phone calls, can hear the phone “ring”, I can listen to music and audio apps from the iPhone through the hearing aids, but don’t get notifications.