Linking devices

Hi I have a m mains power ring spotlight cctv at the side of my house albeit low Wi-Fi in its location which records and works well. I then purchased a cctv for the front of the house battery powered. The front cctv does not record although it is linked to my side device ?
Ring want another subscription which I’m not happy about … I also would like one if two more devices …does that mean a subscription per device is required?
Any ideas ? Thanks

Hi @user61783. If you have a Basic Plan, that is per Ring device. You would need to purchase an additional Basic Plan if you were adding another Camera to your location. If you have multiple Cameras then you would want to upgrade your plan to a Plus Plan, which would cover as many Cameras as you have for one location. If you are in the US, this page will show you further information on Ring Protect Plans. If you are in the UK, visit this page.

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