Linked Devices Override Motion/Recording Settings

want the ability to have linked devices override the motion or recording settings.

For example, I have cameras inside my house that I don’t need recording every motion event while I’m home with the alarm disarmed. But, I do want the ability to trigger them to record for certain events, like a door opening (sensor in Ring alarm shows opened) or if some other Ring linked device triggers an event (like doorbell ring/motion sets my interior camera pointed at the front door to start recording).

As it is now, you either have to record everything or nothing - there is no in between. I don’t want hundreds of recordings from my family room showing us just going about our day. I want recordings when a specific event or linked device triggers it.

I would also like external sensors (SmartThings) to trigger recording events. I have cameras aimed where I want, but I have restricted the motion sensor area to avoid unnecessary motion alerts and excess recordings, i.e. I don’t want to record every car driving by, but if a certain motion sensor is triggered, a Ring camera that can “see” it could record the action. SmartThings can use the Ring cameras for motion automation, why can’t the two be reversed?