Linked devices based on Modes

The linked devices and the modes are great features. I suggest you link those two features. Provide the capability of linking devices based on mode settings. For example, if modes are set to “away” and motion is triggered, provide the capability to automatically trigger recording in linked devices in adjoining locations. This would remove any detection delay on devices as they would already be active. Subsequently, if the mode is set to “home,” we may choose to disable triggering the linked device recording at specific locations.

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I would like to see the modes change the linked behaviors AND be automated as well … I.e. I’d like to have all my front yard cameras (doorbell, 2 stick ups) to be linked at night — so any motion would prompt all 3 to record (covers my cars, front doors, windows etc) … but I have kids, so there is no reason for this level of security for the 1,500 times they or their friends go in and out of the front door during the day … so if we could have one mode “default” for 7a-10p; and another the rest of the time — but be able to manually change it — would be great.