Linked A19 smart bulb timing

I have a group of A19 smart bulbs linked to turn on when either my doorbell or floodlight cam detects motion, but the lights only stay on for about a minute. How can I make them stay on longer?

When the bulbs are activated by a camera they only stay on for one minute regardless of the auto-shutoff setting in the light group. I worked around this glitch by creating Alexa routines that activate the bulbs when the cameras detect motion. The bulbs will stay on for the length of time set in the routine.

What auto shutoff setting? I don’t have that.

Aside from the Auto-Shutoff setting found in the light group settings, there is another option in the Ring app for controlling auto-shutoff duration.

In the Ring app visit your specific Smart Lighting device, then use the lights toggle to toggle the lights on. Once you toggle the lights on a banner will appear with an option to edit the Auto-Shutoff timer. Adjusting this should help. :slight_smile: