Link to forward videos to police

I would like to see a link added to the app to forward videos of suspected crimes to our local police department. In the setup on the app allow the user to setup the link to their local police department. Then allow the user to send the email for our local police department so they can be informed and take action.

I agree and I heard this week that Ring will be disabling the feature to share videos with police. This is a huge mistake. As a former police detective, I can’t emphasize how much time gets in the way of a case. We used to saw “time kills evidence”. Time prevents recovery of stolen property, it allows criminals to evade capture and ultimately can lead to people getting hurt or killed. How many times have you looked at a criminal incident and said “if only this” or “if we had got here five minutes sooner”. The ability to share with LE prevents such issues from occurring.

It is still the owner of the Ring video’s decision to share with LE. LE can’t demand anything without probable cause though a warrant. That would go to Ring. That takes a lot of time.

I would also suggest that Ring may want to think about this a little bit more, as I could certainly see a potential negligence lawsuit being filed if something happens and Ring could have prevented it. Remember, anyone can sue anyone for anything if they have the money. Someone will test Ring if they follow through with this.