Link Smart Responses/Quick Replies to Modes

Currently you can only select 1 Quick Reply however depending if you are in the home or not you would want a different Quick Reply it would be great if it could change when you select a Mode I.E. Home Mode would be “Hi!, We’ll be right there” & Away Mode would be “We Can’t Answer the door right now, but if you’d like to leave a message, you can do it now”. Because if I’m not at home they is not much point in Ring telling the visitor “Hi!, We’ll be right there” as they will have a long wait.

  • 1, I Agree. I would like to add some more thoughts.

I appreciate Ring for thinking about this feature, but with the limited options currently provided (as of Oct 7, 2021), I’m not able to use it effectively. One time, my door bell started playing the automated response, after I talked to the person at the door which was funny. This will become an AWESOME feature, if Ring enables the user to respond with an automated response REAL-TIME when looking at the live view and also provide the option to record custom voice message(s).