Link ring outdoor motion sensor with light group in ring app

Hi. I have different ring light bulbs at home, divided in 2 groups. One for front of the house, one for the backyard.
I just bought 2 outdoor motion sensors from Ring. I added one motion sensor in each light groups.
I tried to link the motion sensor from front-house group to the light within this group, so has the motion sensor can turn on the front lights when motion is detected. Pretty basic. And the same for the backyard.
However I have an issue. Automatically, the front motion sensor is proposing ONLY the light from the backyard group, and the back motion sensors the ones of the front light group. I tried to manually exchange group and motion sensor names to pair them properly, but automatically, it re-exchange to always have front sensor with back light and back sensor with front light.

Any clue?

If you swap the location of the physical devices (the motion sensors) does it then work properly?


You shouldn’t have to link the motion sensor to the light in the light group. Once you add the motion sensor to the light group, go into the light group settings, then motion settings. Ensure that the motion sensor is set to detect motion. Once that’s done all lights within that light group will turn on whenever the motion sensor detects motion. The linking settings are used if you’d also want the front motion detector to turn on the lights in the back yard light group, for example, so that’s why it doesn’t display the lights within the lighting group the sensor belongs to.


It is ok when you swap the physical devices themselves if you leave the virtual devices where they are. I found another way. I got both front and back sensors out of the light groups, to stand by themselves, and they detected all light groups available for both of them. Then I could configure them.

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