Limiting motion detection on Solar Flood lamp/Spot lights

So I currently have 1 doorbell, 1 camera flood lamp, and 2 spotlight cams. This weekend I picked up 2 Solar Flood Lights and 2 Spot lights. I am using the Solar FL cams to suppliment the 2 spotlight cams,both for additional lighting in the areas and to use the motion detection as the Spotlight cams have a limited motion range but have a long field of view for the camera as well as dim lights that don’t go much past the motion. My question is, is there a way to selectivly disable motion settings for the Spot Lights and Solar Flood lamps without disabling motion for the cameras? I have tried to create a motion schedule, but when this is create it is applied to all of my devices, and I just want to surpress motion on specific devices during specific windows of the day.


My other though on this would be to put the Bridge for the lights on a timer, and have it turn on/off at specific times (dusk to dawn) then the lights would not be able to communicate witih the rest of the units…but then I wonder if the constant connect/disconnect would cause a lot of overhead of battery usage on the lights?

Hey @MHouse44721. It sounds like you’re wanting to have the Floodlights only come on when motion is detected by the Floodlight Cam. To do this, you’ll want to put the Solar Floodlights in a group, then go to the Floodlight Cam’s device profile page and select the Linked Devices tile. After that, tap the icon for the light group to turn on when that Cam detects motion. The last step will be to select a schedule so those lights only turn on when the Cam detects motion between certain hours.

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Hi Caitlyn-

No quite the opposite of that. During daylight hours I want to be able to suspend the motion on the Spotlights and Solar Flood light. The current scenario that happens is these are set in locations that do not have motion coverage for the camara, so they are linked to the nearest camera that has them in the field of view, but too far for the camera’s motion detection. What I need to be able to do is prevent the motion activation of the Spot/Flood lights during daytime hours, while the lights themselves do not turn on, the motion detection is still active and triggers a lot of “linked motion” events, which I do not want during the day as these are high traffic areas but only need to have motion detected after dark when there should be no traffic in the area. My solution was to just trigger the bridge on/off with automation and a wifi switch, so when the bridge is turned off nothing from the Spot/Flood lights is reported to Ring and no linked motion is sent to trigger the activation of the camera on the other device. It would be a nice feature to be able to enable/disable motion settings on a specific device, but in the current version if you set up a motion schedule this seems to apply to every camera and every device, which is less than ideal.

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