Lights only working manually

I have a Ring floodlight with 2 batteries installed and attached to a Ring solar panel I have the app set to detect motion. Everything appears to work BUT motion at night will not trigger the lights to come on. I don’t have any schedules setup. I can go to the app and turn on the lights manually and they will go off after 1 minute as set in the app. The setup and lights worked well just as I have described for a year or more with motion detection and no schedule. I don’t want the lights on all night but I do want them to go on when they detect motion at night. Any ideas as to what is wrong?

Hi @jokharr. Is there any other ambient light in the vicinity? If there is, it may be preventing the Light Sensor from detecting that it is dark outside, ultimately causing your lights to not turn on. You can also try adjusting the sensitivity for this light in the Ring app as well as toggling off/on the Motion Detection. Let me know if this helps!

There are no other lights within about 200 ft. This was working but after one of the software upgrades it has stopped working with the settings I had. Do I need to put in a schedule for it to work on motion only?