Lights on with no motion video?

My plus and pro floodlight cams are lighting up repeatedly at night. I have it set to record for motion and people.

If the light comes on… There should be a video associated with that instance, yes? Nope.

I’m sure there is no motion so why is the light turning on? If the light thinks there is motion and turns on then why is there no video of the instance?

Whats the issue here?

I don’t know why I keep buying this crap… I know I bought my last one unless they start implementing some feature requests that have been on the table for years.

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I think there must be 2 motion detectors, one for the camera and one for the lights. Rain, snow and flying insects will turn my lights on but not the camera. On a rainy night my lights would constantly turn on and off but no motion would be recorded. I finally had to turn the light motion feature off.

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Hi @Franz525. Colglbo is correct, and in this post, I marked a solution with steps to help with your concern.

The light sensitivity setting is deceiving. It appears to be setting the distance the light picks up motion not the sensitivity. I changed my setting to 50% and it appears to have solved my problem.


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