Lights do NOT turn on when recording motion

I have new Spot light Pro Cameras & they do NOT turn on the lights when recording motion.
Set to record animals people, lights don’t turn on when animals detected & only sometimes when a person is detected. This is at NIGHT of course.

Shouldn’t lights be instant regardless & recording to occur per the record setting

Ahhh… It appears you have discovered what I think is a major deficiency with the sport light cameras. If you have any sort of ambient lighting like a porch light that even slightly illuminates the camera, the spotlight will NOT come on with motion even though it is set to come on at night with motion in the app. I went through at least one return with Amazon because even Ring phone support thought this was a defect when in actuality it is working as designed. If you search the Feature Request board, you will find at least one request to make this a “feature” by myself and others since then. I don’t regard this as a bells and whistles type of enhancement. It should be a core feature of these cameras.

Hi there, @EcoDieselDave! Please ensure your motion activated lights toggle is enabled so that your Spotlight Camera lights will come on with a motion event. To do this, visit your Spotlight Camera in the Ring app, tap devices settings, and then select your light settings. There you will see a toggle for Motion Activated Lights.

You can also adjust your lights there, as normal motion and motion dedicated for triggering lights can be fine tuned separately. Feel free to check out our help center article about the Spotlight Camera lights settings. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: