Lights constantly come on, regardless of app settings

Hello. I just installed a new Ring Floodlight Cam. No matter what I do, the lights keep coming off and on when I am outside. I set the camera range,doesn’t matter. I ‘click’ the lights off in the app… doesn’t matter. I disarm, doesn’t matter. Motion detection is turned off but the lights still kick on. Even when I toggle the lights off, they will kick on. Seems useless.

Is my device faulty? Not sure where to go with this.

Hi @Slinksbadinks. The lights on the Floodlight Cam have a separate range of motion from the Camera itself. The lights will turn on every time motion is detected, assuming it’s dark enough. You can turn the Motion Zones for Lights off, but there is likely something in the range that is consistently triggering the motion detection. The lights on the Floodlight Cam use passive infrared (PIR) to detect motion, so reflective surfaces or sources of heat can trigger the motion detection. I’d suggest reviewing the area around your Floodlight Cam for any potential triggers, then adjusting the settings.