Light turning on constantly in rain on pro cam

I have 1 floodlight cam wired pro and the light is constanly turning on when it rains, I have a number of floodlight camera wired plus in the space and they work just fine and are brilliant.

I have tried tweaking the settings to no effect and have put a light schedule on to turn it off to stop the neighbours getting upset. But totally defeats the point of having a floodlight.

Any ideas how to fix?

Ideally a swap for a plus would solve all my problems, hoping ring would consider that. I thought the pro was meant to be better but not what I am finding sadly.

Hi @user64223. I suggest reaching out to our support team so they can work on this with you a bit more closely. Please send us a private message on Facebook @Ring or give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

I have the same issue. It is very frustrating. I have tried all of the suggestions but nothing worked.

I am beyond frustrated with my Ring wired floodlight cams turning on and off constantly.

I have two in my backyard and they are driving me crazy.

One is unfortunately near the exhaust for my dryer so the light turns on and off multiple times when the exhaust comes out.

I think that it is triggered by the heat of the exhaust via the light sensitivity of the light and not by the motion sensor but I am not sure.

The other wired flood light cam I have in my backyard gets triggered over and over again whenever it rains and sometimes during snow. That particular light is on the side of my house and it is not covered by any roof overhang.

Maybe the fact there is no roof overhang over that light is playing a part in the problem, but who knows?

Regardless, the light should not be triggered by the rain. During a heavy rain storm the light literally will go on and off all night until the rain stops.

I have tried ALL the suggestions from Ring representatives on the phone and what I have learned on message boards but they did not resolve the issues I am having with these lights.

I have a regular Ring wired Motion floodlight (no camera) and it works fine.

As I said, I suspect the problem I am having with the wired floodlight camera near my dryer exhaust is the light sensitivity function.

I wish I could be able to TOTALLY turn off the light sensitivity—-and just have the regular motion sensor on for my floodlight camera near my dryer exhaust (so it operates more or less like the Floodlight Motion light without the camera)…please do this Ring.

But even if I was able to turn off the light sensitivity totally, that would likely not help me as to my other light that gets triggered over and over again by the rain. It is beyond my comprehension as to why that light gets triggered over and over (and over) just from the rain.

I cannot put these lights up myself and need to get an electrician to do it, so any change costs me a lot.

To make matters worse for me, when I had the electrician install my lights, I had him make the manual switches inside my house into “dummy” switches to prevent the lights from being put off line in case someone turned the switch off by mistake.

So now I cannot turn the lights off manually to prevent them from turning on and off over and over again if my dryer is on at night or if it rains at night. I guess I am the real “dummy”

Help me Ring !!!

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