Light temperature

It would be nice if the light temperature were adjustable. I prefer warm lights, like 2700k. The 4000k color of the spot/flood lights look cheap and out of place from all other warm exterior lights I have. I know others may prefer the cold commercial 4000k, so adjustability may be your best choice.

if a color adjustable bulb would be too expensive, allow the camer to be purchased with a particular light temperature or the bulbs to be changed after market.

i agree. i just installed the smaller A19 bulb in my recessed light outlets on my covered porch and while i like the functionality, the color is way to white. It looks commercial not residential. A Kelvin temp of 2700 would be ideal and complement the other outdoor lighting we have. it would be a warmer and richer look. Please consider adding that temperature/color to your products.

It is understandable that A19 bulb “temperature” cannot be adjusted. Ring should offer other “temperatures”. The industry standard for incandescent warm light replacement is 2700k. That is what I would like to see for indoor lighting. Or at least make it so that your Ring Hub supports other smart bulbs.