Light schedules

I get lights turning on during the day, you can set schedules No lights Dusk to Dawn or set a time .
But you can NOT set NO LIGHTS from Dawn to Dusk.
I have set times so i dont have lights on during the bright sunlight, however its 6 hours different in winter here.

I cannot reach tech support so like ALL other smart pruducts you can set a device on or off from dusk to dawn .
With ring you can ONLY turn lights OFF between dusk & dawn .

I need them OFF from Dawn to Dusk

Feature Requests go here ( Latest Products/Feature Request Board topics - Ring Community).
Search to see if someone has already post your feature suggestion and vote on it. If no one has then create one of your own. If it garners enough votes (usually more than 100) it might get Ring developers attention for a future addition.

Hi @EcoDieselDave. Can you please provide more information, such as what Ring devices you have and what light settings you have enabled in the Ring app? Feel free to share a screenshot of what your light settings are. Once I have more information, I can share any relevant answers that may help or move your post to the appropriate category if needed.