Light on front of my Ring 2nd generation doorbell

What colour should the circle be on my doorbell? At present it is white.

Good question, @Bluepiperpete. The LED indicator around the button, on the front of your Video Doorbell, can illuminate for various reasons. It will often depend on recent state, event, or usage during the time of the light. If this occurred during setup, you are likely seeing a successful connection indicator or an update. Pressing the ring button or toggling two way audio from the Ring app can result in a blue light, as can charging the device. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply although I still do not know if my doorbell should be lit up all the time and whether it should be white or blue.

Hi @Bluepiperpete. Stepping in for Marley on this. If you are seeing a white glowing light, that indicates that your Doorbell is in an idle state. This is completely normal. It means that your Doorbell is receiving power and ready to record motion.