Light group auto shut off when it shouldn't (manually turned on)

I have a light group for my backyard that consists of 2 flood light cam and 3 smart plugs connected to LED string lights. The light group is set up to auto turn off lights 5 minutes after motion is detected.

The problem I have is that after I manually turn on my backyard lights - in which the bottom bar says “lights still stay on until turned off” - they still turn off after 5 minutes. I believe they’re supposed to stay on until I manually turn them off. So while I’m in my backyard hanging out, my lights automatically turn off.

From my testing, the lights seem to stay on past 5 minutes if I manually turn on the lights and it doesn’t detect any motion. However, I feel like if I manually turn on the lights, then it detects motion, after 5 minutes of not detecting motion (like if I’m just sitting in my backyard), then the light automatically turns off.

Separately, I also battery stick up cam in my backyard that is also linked to my light group.

Am I doing something wrong or how can I fix this? I’d like it so that if I manually turn on the light group, they don’t turn off until I switch it off manually no matter if motion is detected or not. Thanks for your help!

Hi @tlrufio. I would try to unlink the Stick Up Cam from your Light Group. It is likely that this connection is taking precedence over your manual ON, then reverting back to standard Motion Detection. Let me know if this works and I’ll be sure to share this feedback with the appropriate team.

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I am having a similar issue with our setup. We have a front yard light group and a backyard light group, and as far as I can tell they are setup the same way. If we manually turn on the front yard lights and the motion detector subsequently detects motion, the lights will turn off after 3 minutes, even though we already had manually turned them on. However, our backyard light group behaves the way we want, where if we manually turn on the lights through the app, they will stay on (regardless of any subsequent motion) until we go into the app and turn them off again. Any ideas on how to resolve?

Hi @DJCOregon. Try removing the lights in your front yard group from the group, and then add them back into the group to see if the group behaves the same way as your backyard. If that doesn’t work, try removing the lights from your Ring App completely and then adding them back in. Let me know if either of these troubleshooting steps help. :slight_smile: