License Plate Recognition

I think it’d be great if Ring put out a camera with true License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology. I’m not just talking about upgrades to camera resolution, I’m talking about total camera optomization.

How many videos of porch pirates have you seen where the plate couldn’t be read? Imagine if recording was triggered by the alarm or motion or even by your neighbors ring alarm. I’d be happy to contribute to community police investigations and really make things hard for criminals out there.


I live at the end of a cul de sac. I need a camera that I can point up the street, but I need more of a telephoto view instead of a wide angle (already have a ring camera in place to see the whole cul de sac) so I am able to make out detail such as license plates if need be. Do you have or plan for an accessory or camera with that ability?

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I am a happy user of Floodlight and would like to see a few new features:

  1. schedule two different motion zones (day and night zones)

  2. alert for cars (now its people only)

  3. alert for specific precious recorded cars

  4. flashing option on/off lights, instead of just on

  5. read license plates better or improve software to un blur elements of video.

  6. record all in between footage but only send notifications from motion zone (to review if suspect cars/people) were in the area at all.

Keep up the good work !



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I’m not sure if this is a good idea. There are privacy considerations and potential for abuse from law enforcements. I would rather learn my lesson from porch pirates than risk this country turning into a police state.

I agree. I own 10+ ring cameras and am desperately waiting for a tele lens model.

Like most home owners I have a driveway in the front and the cameras mounted around my house are useless for capturing anything happeing on the street.

We had cars broken into and don’t have any way to capture descent video.

Yes, License plate recognition would be fantastic. Don’t bother with wifi, batteries, solar, etc. for that camera. POE only would be fine as it would eliminate all the issues associates with moving high volumes of data over wifi. Making the $100/yr monitoring plan required would also be ok, as people understand Ring would be storing much more data with that camera (very high frame rate camera, plus very high volume as it would be pointed at cars moving on streets, etc…).

Ring cameras are in need of a technology refresh. For example, I use the Spotlight Cam Mount. It could use a video upgrade from 2K to 4K and a wi-fi connection upgrade from 2.4 to 5GHz. It’s hard wired to house power, so does not suffer from inadequate power like some doorbells. Since consumer electronics get cheaper over time, how about dropping the price a bit (say $199) and then coming out with a 4K device, maybe around $279? The new video doorbells have 5GHz radios but are stuck at 2K video, which may be adequate for a doorbell but not for wide areas that a Spotlight Cam would cover if you want to capture a face or license plate at a distance.


Swann already has 4x 4k PoE Security camera set w 2-way audio for $788 with TB HD for continuous monitoring locally, heat + motion detection, analytics, etc. The price will sure come down as Wyze is coming into the market as well.

Ring will need to do just as good or better than Swann and the upcoming competitors to attract people to choose their (if so planned) version of 4k cameras - with continuous monitoring.

People are all going to figure out which is the best product among these vendors for this upcoming important upgrade (I’m one of them),

for the same critical reason of much better video capture of distant objects (faces, license plate).

I use another vendor’s cameras and NVR as my main system, 4K capable. Ring is behind the curve in this area, but as I have both I’d like Ring to be as capable as my other system. Especially for the price.

Yes we need this Ring Team. I hope you guys read the comments. A license plate reader would work wonders in my condo complex where our doors face the street. For example I have a Ring peephole camera and my neighbors around me have Ring doorbells. There has been a rash of auto break-ins and stolen packages. The video footage is highly unusable because you can’t make out the vehicles license plates. My Ring cameras are set to HDR. One is approximately 6 - 8 feet to the street. I also have a Ring outdoor camera overlooking the driveway which sits on a second story and points to the same street which is roughly about 25 - 30 feet away. I understand this is over the expected use/distance limit but you really need something that can get an absolute clear picture from distance with LPR technology.

People would be willing to pay more for a security camera that could better capture license plates at a typical distrance from house to street, even in dark lighting. AI might be able to assist with the capture, just like AI helps capture faces on iphones. It could be that the camera feeds a central AI processor (that in turn feeds back the plate number on the camera feed) if that saves the user money and makes it easier to achieve the license plate recognition effect.

Once you sold such a security camera, a StreetCam if you will, then folks could Opt-In to share this street view with anyone who suffers a crime within xxx feet, with motion video available for the 15 minutes before and after the crime. If the criminal parks a vehicle away from the house they target, this would help provide information about the criminal.