Levitron Light Switch (Zwave)

I have added a Levitron light switch(Zwave) to our Ring system. I have given it an assigned category as “Lights” per Rings setup UI for “Works with Ring”. The device shows up as a “Light” under Alarm device list and is controllable only through the Alarm device list. Why does it not show up under the “Lights” list under the Dashboard menu? Apparently ONLY “Ring” (branded) lights are displayed there that are integrated with the Ring cameras or part of a bridged Ring light group.

If I want all “Lights” on, there is no way to do that with the button on the “Lights” page of the dashboard… How about a UI change that allows ALL “categorized” LIGHTS (including those that are “Works with Ring” compliant to be switched on?
*This would dramatically improve the Alarm features when triggered as well!

Thanks in advance for your consideration!

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I have the same issue and second this question. +1

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Hi neighbors! @ItJustWorks, your observation is correct. Only Ring branded devices are operable through the shortcuts area of the Ring app. You’ll notice there are some shortcuts available for select certified Works With Ring devices and Key by Amazon devices. As we are always working to add to and improve on our app features and devices, feel free to make a feature request. You can do this by visiting our Feature Request Board, and adding your feedback in detail. This will help us to organize and share your requests with our teams here, as well as allow other neighbors to comment and add interest, all in one place. :slight_smile: