Leviton Decora Smart In-Wall Switch

Other then being able to turn the switch on and off, what other functions can be done. Can it be set to turn off and on during certain times? Can the switch be set to automatically turn on if a linked camera detects motion?

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Hi @beachvolleyballchamp. Through the Ring app, the switches do have limited functionality of only being able to turn on and off. I recommend to check out Alexa Routines if you have the Ring skill enabled or IFTTT for routines as well. These can be used when linked to your Ring account to create schedules and different routines you may want!

Similar experience, purchased DZ15S switch (ZWave) and added it to Ring Security. Can turn on/off, but hoping to automate the switch based on motion (camera or motion detector), schedules, etc…

Familiar with IFTTT basics, but I don’t see how it helps since the My Leviton App (needed for the IFTTT services piece) only works with WIFI switches and Ring only works with ZWave switches. Wouldn’t i need to purchase a WIFI Leviton switch and then lose the Ring App on/off integration?