Language assumption

Hi - I’m from the U.K and purchased a Ring doorbell from Amazon U.K.
Product taken overseas to Caribbean home
Ring account set up (en-U.K’ring’com)
Everything is fine, product superb.
I use IOS Ring App on iPhone 13 Pro with a +1(246)… SIM card at the location (Barbados)
If I Log-in via the website, (account’ring’com) - great, all ok.
Then select “ring shop” icon

Now Ring, in its infinite wisdom, thinks that I user can speak Spanish since the default shop is: latam-es’ring’com

  • User flummoxed!
  • No change-language option.
  • The sad thing is that in the Windward island chain, the languages are primarily English, Dutch, and French!!!

Please can Ring look at a more obvious answer such as “preferred shop/language” in the user profile!

Thank you and Gracias!

Brongo ( English only)