Landscape transformer terminal capacity

How many 12 gauge or 14 gauge wires can fit in the terminal blocks of the landscape lighting transformer?

Looks like some plastic lock block. I’d much prefer screw down terminals. I have 4 main 50-60ft runs and have home run cables to the transformer location. Would like to attach all direct but looks like I may need to combine ahead of the transformer and do a single or double feed of 12ga giving me around a 9ga equivalent.

The Smart Lighting transformer is intended for connecting 1 set of wires to it. As you mentioned, you can certainly splice additional runs of wire outside the transformer. Please keep in mind the Transformer quick connect terminals are for wiring to 12V or 15V landscape lights (up to 200 watts total). I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I used these and ran a single set of wires to the Ring transformer. Simple and works great. Volt makes smaller ones too.

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