Landscape mode for App Dashboard

I would like to see the Ring app display the Dashboard and its video feeds in landscape mode in addition to portrait.

I have tablets that I use for managing my smart home devices. They have landscape-oriented docks. When I bring up the Ring app, I have to remove the tablet from the dock and turn it around so I can view the Dashboard that shows the live view of my Ring cameras. I would like to be able to view my video feeds while the tablet is still docked in landscape mode. I have not found anything that allows me to change that in the app, nor have I found another app that can view Ring videos.

Couldn’t agree more. Frustrating having to see the app in portrait and then have to watch videos in landscape. The web interface is fine. The app needs help.

Even worse, I found that if you are locked in landscape and open up Ring, it forces your tablet to lock to portrait!

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Not sure how much it matters, but everyone make sure to vote, no one had voted for this when I saw it.

I agree. It is a real pain in the butt to have to manually rotate my tablet. Ridiculous.

Same here. In this day and age, there is NO reason why an App shouldn’t support both Potrait and Landscape modes.

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Most of the UI works in landscape mode now on iPadOS EXCEPT when you go to the Neighbors feed and drill down to a specific post to look at video/map/comments: then the app reverts to portrait mode (i.e. sideways). When attached to a magic keyboard, that’s most inconvenient.

I called support on this issue. They referred me to this site. where no solution is offered. Also the Ring app does not support external keyboards. Another inconvenience. Obviously, the product testing leaves a bit to be desired. They also forget that add on products do not have to be from Ring. Cameras connect to the same wifi, but do not have to talk to each other. Customer satisfaction is an ongoing process.