Landscape Low Voltage Transformer with Higher Capacity

Hi I was about to pull the trigger on a landscaping lighting low voltage transformer from ring and integrate to all the other Ring products I have in my home but I realized that it only supports up to 200 watts. I currently have a 600 watt transformer so this wouldn’t work unless I do a ton of rewiring and digging and separate the landscape lighting into multiple circuits. Does Ring have plans to offer a transformer with higher capacity? As others have stated a dimmer function on it would be excellent as well. Thanks for your consideration.

200 watts is plenty for LED systems. You might need 2 for larger LED systems but 600 seems excessive for residential. If you’re still on halogen it’s time for an upgrade.

Also, Hampton Bay makes a better built 200 watt smart transformer that integrates with Alexa and Google Assistant that I chose instead. It has 3 zones and measures watts in real time and displays it in the app. You can create routines from your smart home for better integration. I’ll even be bridging mine into Smartthings for more powerful automation.

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It looks like the outdoor smart plug can handle this - way cheaper than replacing your existing transformer too: Dual Outdoor Smart Plug | Smart Security Controls | Ring - just wire on a power cord if there isn’t already one and plug it in.