LAN Streaming and Capture Options?

I have a MotionEyeOS server and have all my cheap IP cameras sharing video streams on that.
I was just told by support ring cameras can’t have the video feed captured locally. I thought at one point I found an article about being able to do this.
Does anyone know if this can be done. I don’t need or want my video stored on the internet. I also don’t want my security cameras to require an internet connection to be usable.
Anyone know how or if this can be done?

Hi @HoutzRing. Ring Security Cameras and Ring Doorbells utilize a wifi connection in order to communicate with the Ring App which is where you can access the Live View and view previously recorded videos with a valid Ring Protect plan subscription. If you’re looking for security cameras that do not utilize wifi and have local storage, Ring Cameras and Doorbells may not be the best option for these preferences as they do require a valid internet connection and utilize cloud storage as part of the Ring Protect plan. I hope this helps answer your questions. :slight_smile: