Lack of payment options - Ring, please fix!

Ring allows for ONE payment source. Just ONE!

The only thing worse than the lack of payment options is the hassle factor to call in and try and have billing resolved. The process is time-consuming, epic, and totally avoidable.

When you think you’re all smart and come up with a workaround by logging into the account, swapping the credit card on file before renewal you are doomed to fail. Ring will accept your billing to the new card but then send an email that they prorated your payment to sync with other location payments. Thus reversing your goal to have unique payments to different locations.

Calling Customer service has resulted in… 1 hr 10-minute call, 47-minute call, 11-minute call and now Billing department to contact me in 48-72 hours. Meanwhile, some locations have been billed to a client’s credit card and now require action from me to explain why this is happening, reversal of fees, accounting notes, etc.

It seems incredibly easy and admittedly I’m incredulous that a business such as Ring, owned by Amazon, doesn’t have this worked out. Each year, the same problem is only compounded when you add locations that require their own billing option.

Some suggestions for the development team:

A) Allow for multiple payment sources. The end-user can select their source or creates a default payment method. THEIR choice.

B) Allow for 3rd party payments. Paypal, Venmo, Apple Pay, Amazon pay, etc.

C) RESPECT PAYMENTS MADE. DO NOT SYNC PAYMENT DATES! Allow the end-user to log in and force payments. Take it as face value. Let accounts pay early, on a different schedule, or whatever. Unique billing dates are helpful for a variety of reasons. Just let the payments be what they are or if you insist GIVE the OPTION to sync billing dates with other locations.

And yes, I’m aware that a workaround is to create unique accounts for each location and then share access. Sure, a unique log-in would solve the billing issue but creates a host of other management issues and a clunky fix just to avoid the avoidable billing problem. Ring, I implore you, please take this up with the development team. Allow customers to manage accounts by paying with more than one payment type!

Lastly, it’s borderline shady to not have a customer service email address or even contact form option for a customer to reach out to Ring. Let your customers help Ring to become a better product. Lack of contact options is doing Ring and your customers a disservice.