Lack of 3 Zones - Zero Night Time Protection - Made me unable to buy - had to empty cart!

Was about to buy a 10 piece alarm + additional accesories during the Prime event, and then discovered via this board that the Ring Alarm has only 2 zones ! Unfortunately I’ve had to empty my cart and abandon the purchase.

There appears to be a lack of understanding by Ring of how people use Alarm Systems and of the protection needed / provided by the 3rd zone.

With my existing alarm I have 3 zones set which are (these are customisable):

  1. Perimeter - Alarms all the door contacts - I use this when in the house during the day / evening

  2. Partial - Alarms all the door contacts + the downstairs motion sensors - I use this after going to bed.

  3. Full - Arms everything upon leaving house

What Ring seem to have overlooked is the criticallity of having the (3rd) Zone ie Partial Zone.

Without this, any householder is left totally vulnerable after going to bed.

This zone is essential because should anyone break in through a window or door panel, one of the most common methods given increases in door security by the use of anti-snap locks, the door contacts are avoided and an alarm won’t be triggered.

This means an intruder can come into your home after you have gone to bed and you are totally unprotected by the alarm - they can walk around undetected.

The whole purpose of a 3rd Partial Zone is you can set not only the perimeter door contacts but also the downstairs motion detectors active plus glass break or window contacts active upstairs (should you have them). This means when in bed, you have total protection as you can still move around upstairs eg to go to the toilet, without triggering the alarm, but should anyone break in through a window, a now very common method, the motion sensors downstairs will detect them as will the glass break detection upstairs (if fitted).

You simply cannot do this protection with 2 zones because if you include downstairs motion sensors in the at home setting, you’ll be setting the alarm off every time you move .

I’d have loved to have bought a Ring system today. However, the fact it offers me a total lack of protection at night is such an oversight that I find myself unable to purchase.

How any company can believe you can be protected purely by door contacts after going to bed at night is beyond me specially when such a high proption of burglaries in the UK at least, involve entry through a window either open, by glass removal or breakage.

Ring really need to sort this out and release an updated key pad or base station version 3 or revision that includes a 3rd zones so that one can be set as a partial zone for night time (bed time) protection.

Still no changes made to The Ring Product as a result of this feedback?

No exactly a very Customer Service Centric Business.

I’ll say it again, 2 x Zones are insufficient for any Home Alarm Product.

A home owner needs to be able to set:

  1. Home - Perimeter Only

  2. Night - Downstairs or Selected Zones + Perimeter

  3. Away - Full Arming

Without the option of 3 Zones and Option 2 above, anyone with a Ring Alarm is vulnerable to a burglar breaking in through a window instead of a door.

If you set Option 2 to include room sensors as well as perimeter ie door sensors, then it protects at night but can offer no protection if you’re in as you cannot have it on if you’re moving room to room downstairs.

That’s why most Consumer Alarms have 3 Zones and why Ring need to bring out an updated version offering 3 Zones to Consumers. Without 3 Zones, consumers are vulnerable either whilst in or asleep at night depending on how the 2 zones they have are configured.