Kwikset Home Connect 620

Just bought a Kwikset Home Connect 620, as it was advertised to work with Ring and Z Wave technology. Installed it and tried to set it up and Ring barely recognizes it. I have no options. Very disappointed in Ring not offering support for this smart lock. Was hoping to arm and disarm the alarm system while also locking or unlocking the door.

Hi @user20520. You can find a list of compatible Z-Wave smart locks that work with the Ring Alarm in our Help Center article here. While there are other Kwikset locks on there, the Kwikset Home Connect 620 is not listed. Other neighbors have requested this compatibility before, and you can find the request on our Feature Request board below.

I’d recommend adding your feedback and vote there, as we utilize the Feature Request board as a way to gather feedback and share it with our teams here. :slight_smile:

I am looking for same function

I am looking for the same, not very clear where to add to the requested features at Catilyn at Ring referred to. Very frustrating to install a lock and get to the point where it does not work…