Kindly stop changing & adding new features

In my opinion, these new features aren’t here for MY safety but here to be more controlling. If there were an actual emergency, I have to wait for codes to access my own cameras. It’s TOO much!
Same goes for calling in. I don’t want to use an app just to get a human on the phone. Then when someone does get on the phone, they still need to verify “it’s me”…what!?

It’s INVASIVE and highly unnecessary. Forcing one to do this and that won’t make them like you, it’ll push them further away.

If you are referring to 2 Factor Authentication you might as well get used to it as more and more services/companies are going to make their customers use it. If you are currently a customer of a financial institution that isn’t using 2FA then you should find one that does for your own safety.

Also, as you can see by the posts in the Features Request forums, users actually do want change.

Are you trying to be funny? Obviously access to a financial institution where someone can potentially transfer your money to their own account is quite different than just trying to view video from your doorbell pointing out to a public location with no expectation of privacy or legal protection.

Also, the OP is referring to the strange phone system that Ring has in place where they have you go into the app for a code to enter to prove you are you, but then they just make you answer a bunch of questions anyway despite jumping through those hoops, just to get someone who you wanted to ask generic setup questions to.