Kids Account on Alarm

I would like the ability to be able to create accounts on Ring for those in our household to give just the ability to arm and disarm the alarm using the App.

This would be tied into the geofencing so as they arrive or leave they set it. And, if all have left, to either set the alarm or have the primary account given the option to set it remotely.

At the moment I believe you can only create an account which allows much wider access which I would suggest is more administrative than simply setting Home, Away or Disarmed.

Until that is available the will all need to be guest accounts and use the keypad.

Hi @Stoogie. Adding a Shared User for the Ring Alarm system will allow them to arm or disarm the system via the Ring app or the Ring Keypad. The Shared User will only have access to the Ring devices you share them on, and they cannot edit the settings. You can find more information on Shared Users here. I hope this helps.