Keypad should indicate which zones are open

The Ring App can nicely control all aspects of the alarm, and give status on all sensors.

However, not everyone can use the App. Examples are my visiting housekeeper (who doesn’t need and shouldn’t have all the privileges the App would give her) or my grandmother (who doesn’t have a smart phone).

I guess that is why you offer the keypad. Unfortunately, the keypad gives no indication whether any zones are open until one tries to arm the alarm. Even then, it gives no indication which zone is open. One has to walk all around the house looking to see what is open. (Again, please imagine my grandmother doing this.)

Alexa is also not a great solution. It brings a lot of other baggage, including having to link my accounts, privacy and security issues, and needing to put an Alexa device near the alarm keypad. Also, Alexa requires internet and power, but I bought the Ring because it has backups if these go out.

Surely there must be some way for the keypad to indicate which zones are open. Nearly all other alarm keypads do.

Here’s another important reason to enable the keypad to indicate which sensors are open: If the internet goes down with Ring Alarm Gen 2, the App can no longer report sensor status. There appears to be no way whatsoever to confirm whether sensors are closed when the internet is down.