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Does this keypad actually show when the alarm is armed or disarmed? If not, how am I supposed to know if I remembered to arm?

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Does this keypad actually show when the alarm is armed or disarmed? If not, how am I supposed to know if I remembered to arm?

Hello @RingUser20 ,

Yes, the Keypad Gen 2 does display when it is ‘armed’ or 'disarmed, by illuminating the upper row of “Disarmed”, “Home”, or “Away” buttons, but when the motion sensor (the little opaque-white window, lower-left-corner of Keypad) detects you are near will these buttons illuminate, and as long as the “Power Save Mode” is toggled OFF. The Keypad also takes into account whether it is dark or light around it. Is it a good idea to mount your Keypad Gen 2 near the entryway/exit, so as you approach, it will detect you and then you’ll see the current alarm mode button lighted. Also, your Alarm Base Station will always be illuminated white the Blue Ring light (Disarmed Mode) of with a Red Ring Light (Home or Away modes).

Because some people prefer to use their Keypads Gen 2 only the rechargeable internal battery (instead of constantly having it plugged into a house outlet) the Ring Alarm Keypad has two “Power Save” options:

  • With power save on: Mode buttons light up when a button is pressed. Numbers light up when it’s dark and any button is pressed. This option will conserve the most energy.
  • With power save off: Mode buttons light up when motion is detected. Numbers light up when it’s dark and either (1) a button is pressed or (2) motion is detected.

In order to turn on and off the Keypad power save mode, you’ll need to open the app and use the toggled on the Keypad settings page. From the menu, tap **Devices, ** tap ** Alarm Base Station, ** then Keypad. On the Device Details page, tap the gear icon in the corner.

The Gen 2 is unlike the Keypad Gen 1 which is always illuminated all the time. There where many request from Keypad Gen 1 owners, to not have it constantly lit, because some people had an extra Keypad in the bedroom and the light was distracting. The extra bedroom Keypad has the added benefit of the Police, Fire, and Medical Response team buttons within close reach (if you have the Professional Monitoring with Ring Protect Plan “Plus”), with the added “Panic Button” feature (pressing the “X” and “Check-Mark” keys simultaneously). But other people are content to just have their cellphones on their night-stand, to use the App’s red SOS button Panic feature.

Currently, with the Keypad Gen 2, you cannot select to an option to have the Alarm Mode lights always illuminated. Since I’m assuming your Alarm Base Station is a 2nd Generation, the Keypad Gen 1 is compatible and cheaper if you indeed want to see a constantly lit Mode light. You could also use the Keypad Gen 1 at the entryway, and then relocate your Keypad Gen 2 into your bedroom, as an option.

If you like more information about the Keypad Gen 1:

I hope you find this information helpful. :slight_smile:

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