Keypad announce "front door open"

This one is quite a simple request really;

Please add door open notification announcements to keypads!



This is basic functionality, done by most alarm systems. Should be simple, as we can already tag the different sensors, we should be able to hear a specific entry point as opposed to just a chime.


I am glad 2 other people have brought up this issue. It would very nice to have that option. For it to say open/close door, windows, back door, garage door and so on.


It really can’t be that hard

Tesla downloads updates so can ring ha ha


Since the Ring keypads and chimes will not verbally announce which contact sensor or motion detector is being tripped, I have programmed my Echo system to make the announcements for me. You can do this by building a Routine for EACH sensor and EACH Echo. I currently have 7 contact sensors installed and 6 Echos. I had to build 42 routines to allow each Echo to announce which of the 7 contact sensors were tripped. It is not an elegant solution, but it works.

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I just was about to ask the same thing
i found out that you can do that using any Alexa device Just make a routine Alexa will announce it


Worked perfectly. I love the fact that I can tell different devices to only announce certain events

Ie downstairs only announces upstairs doors and windows

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