Key fob for alarm needed

I ask you if it is possible to create a small remote control to add to the set of keys to deactivate the alarm remotely without necessarily using the Ring app on a smartphone.


Looking to add the lark as we have the doorbell. But it’s a non starter for other family members without a keyfob

I’m interested in switching over to the Ring alarm; however, without a key fob it is not going to happen. My 87 mother who now lives with me definitely needs the key fob. She will not use a smartphone much less the panel. Without the simplicity of the key fob, the system is no good for us.

PLEASE Ring make available to all customers a Keyfob . Extisting costumers and Elders , kids, visitors and people with disabilities need an easy way to arm/disarm/panic with a keyfob.

I have other Ring products and would buy the alarm too, provided it had a keyfob. The absence of a keyfob is a deal breaker for me.

I was wondering if ring had a key fob as well. It seems it is la king of this necessary feature, so I won’t buy a ring alarm.
Thanks for who posted the question and whom who replied: you all saved me from possible head aches

Having a key fob would help convince me to become a ring alarm customer as well

Yeah - this feature should have be implemented and provided for a long time. Please provide a solution or at least with some off the shelves products using zwave

I haven’t purchased the Ring Alarm because of this. Not having a key fob is a deal-breaker for me.

Oh dear, looks like Ring have implemented a forum that they ignore, and just let customers ‘talk to themselves’. This is such an incredibly poor approach to customer satisfaction/retention, but typical of companies that don’ really care.
Anyway, I have had the ring system for a number of years. The alarm is hardly ever used as it is too much hassle to turn off/on, especially for a family. I had some direct contact with Ring years ago, suggesting a keyfob, but it was obviously ignored/shelved.
I am back here because I was looking at using the Geofence feature, which I have found to be another badly implemented (non) feature, so I though I would look to see if keyfobs exist these days. Ho-hum… must arrange for my doorbell to be replaced (very poor microphone/speaker), the only real reason to keep the subscription running.

I’ve looked at the ring alarm several times over the last few years.
No keyfob is a product fail for

  • cleaners
  • neighbours
  • half of house who are less tech savvy
    At the moment I’ll be sticking with my old alarm.
    To be honest I can’t see Ring ever fixing this and continuing to claim this “improves security”.

Another request for a key fob (although these suggestions are clearly being ignored by Ring)

As you all said, simple key fob would be great. Waking up at night and trying to use your phone or the keypad is difficult. Some phone run in low power mode between 1~5pm so you have to wait for them to boot. If your sleepy, the keypad is no better. Many other systems have a phobe available so why not Ring?

As with others, I agree this is an important feature to have as an option. I don’t expect my house sitters or family (like my older parents) to use the Ring app. But I also don’t use an entry delay and I don’t want to allow insecure 4-digit codes on my smart locks.