Keep Lights On

I can manually turn on my light group on the app. If a linked device detects motion it will start the timer and turn the light off after the set time.

This is still annoying me. Turn lights on, and they turn off a minute after the camera senses motion next.

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This is a real pain and I have the same complaint. I want my lights on when I want my lights on. Ring does not allow that. A huge fault in the system

I just realized this topic exists. I had just posted about this same issue. What good is a smart device that we cannot fully control? Sensor lights are already flooding the market.

This severely limits the utility of the lights.

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I have a new Floodlight Cam Plus that DOES NOT keep lights on with manual activation. I also have an older Floodlight cam that when lights are turned on through app STAY ON until manually turned off. The inconsistency is disappointing.

The new product is my 4th ring device.

Please address keep lights on in firmware / app update.