Keep Indoor Camera V2 Connected to iPad

I have a Ring Stickup Camera and a Ring Indoor V2 camera. Since I can’t see both cameras on one iPad at the same time (as I can do with my Nest Cameras), I need to have 2 iPads side by side. The Ring Outdoor Battery stick up camera shows activity on my deck and the Ring Indoor V2 camera shows activity in my diningroom and kitchen. The outdoor stick up camera shows the deck and turns on live when there is activity on the deck (lots of widlife). This Outdoor camera’s screen stays on ready all the time to “RECONNECT” to live for showing any activvity on the deck. However, thr Ring Indoor V2 camera stays on ready to “RECONNECT” for awhile and then closes down totally. It doesn’t return to the “DASHBOARD”. it simply goes back to the iPad screen showing all my other APPS. This is very frustrating. I wish Ring would allow me to show multiple cameras on a single screen or at least provide a trouble free way of using mutiple cameras with mutiple iPads or tablets.

I finally solved my problem. I updated my iPads to the same firmware level and now everything is working fine.

However, I still think that Ring needs to provide the ability to monitor multiple camers on a single screen. My Nest camera and my Wyze cameras can all be moitore on a single screen so I don’t need multiple iPads to monitor my two Ring camers.

I don’t understand why this would be a big deal for Anazon to make happen. As far as I am concerned the bell has rung for Ring and I will not be adding more Ring cameras or recommending Ring!