Just what is the Extended Warranty with the Ring Protect Plus Plan?

I got the Ring Protect Plus Plan as a 12 Month Trial (through 12-22-19) when I purchased the Ring Video Doorbell Pro last December.

I added the Ring Alarm System to it mid August 2019.

Planning on adding 1 Ring Floodlight Camera in a couple of weeks.


Hey @DonC ! As long as the Ring device is within its original warranty period when you subscribe to Ring Protect Plus, the extended warranty coverage will apply to it automatically. Once the original warranty expires, the device will be covered under Ring Protect Plus until you discontinue your subscription. Learn more, here.

The link you provided is the language that is confusing.

Does coverage under the extended warranty mean that as long as I continuously have the Protect Plus Plan, ALL of my components will be replaced Free of Charge for whatever reason FOREVER???

If that is the case, I would think that Ring should be more proactive in SPECIFICALLY advertising that - instead of the general language in you link.

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To clarify, your devices will be covered under extended warranty as long as you remain subscribed to the Protect Plus Plan. To learn more, visit here.

So, does that mean that you will replace defective devices as long as you are continuously subscribed to the ring plus plan? e.g. if I have a ring plus plan and my doorbell breaks after 3 years you will replace it?

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Hey @clipboarder. You are correct in that assumption! As long as you do not have a lapse in coverage of the Protect Plus Plan for the duration of the time the device is set up on your Ring account, it will be covered with the extended warranty from the Ring Protect Plus Plan! :slight_smile:

How specifically do I get a part replaced under the extended warranty? I see what is covered but not how I get it replaced.

@bmcwatt You should be able to call our support team to get this sorted out! You can also order spare parts from Ring.com under the accessories section.