Just had the worst call with Ring customer service

I have had the worst experience with Ring for the past month. Back in the summer I experienced an issue with my flood slight camera the light just kept flashing. When I reached out to Ring they told me they needed video proof of this happening. So I was told to call back when it happened. I was out of town for most of the rest of the summer so I could not get video of it happening. Then in August I was able to get it on video. I called Ring and the customer service was great they worked with me and was able to get a replacement shipped, that is we’re the problems start. All of my cameras are white and I was shipped a black replacement. So I called Ring went over what had happened and they said they would ship me another replacement that was 4 weeks ago. I called Ring on 8/28 and was told that they had issues and it would not ship until the first week of September. I called today on 9/11, When I asked about my shipment they put me through all the same question I have been through the previous 3 times. They made me reopen the box that I had packed up to send the black one they had sent so they could check the MAC address. Then he proceeds to tell me that that is my old one. I tell him that the one that it is the black one they sent not my old broken white one. Then he still questions it. After a few more exchanges he tells me that my new one has been shipped and will be delivered in 2 -3 days. Then he puts me on hold and comes back and says no it will be 7-14 days. I ask to speak to a supervisor he tells me that they have no supervisors. I ask to have the tracking number emailed to me he says he does not have access to email. I am at a loss for words right now