I've subscribed for a year, yet haven't recieved any thing


I’ve paid for a subcription for a year still my device says I do not have any plan or subscription hence it is not recording.

I’ve tried to email, tried to find they chat window couldn’t find it, I’ve tried to call but my phone doesn’t ring it up don’t know why it immediately shuts the call down.

That’s why I am reaching out here, can anyone help me?


Hey @Arees. Our support team is the only team that will be handling billing at this time, as it deals with your personal account and we are a neighbor to neighbor forum. Our scope of support has also been limited, so unfortunately you will not be able to email or chat in about this concern. If you can, please give us a call here, and find out our support hours here to ensure you are calling when our team is open.

It doesn’t work to call. My phone automatically closes the call when I dial the number and yes during opening times

@Arees What number are you trying to call, when are you trying to call and where are you located?