It's so frustrating dealing with reps that clearly do not know their own products

My solar power sign worked for few months and no longer functions. I’ve called ring 4 times. First call ended without a resolution because I was not at home to tell them the serial number of the solar powered sign. On the 2nd call, after me having furnished the serial number and trouble shooting, they confirmed a replacement will be shipped. They sent me a confirmation email that regular sign (non-solar powered) will be sent. Third call, I’ve told them they’re sending me the wrong sign. They told me they will fix it and send me the right sign (solar powered). Today I’ve received the non-solar powered sign (security yard sign). Fourth call was to tell them they shipped me the wrong sign again… They’re asking me for the serial number of the sign that I’ve received. Nowhere on the box or the sign displays a serial number. Now, they’re asking me for a MAC address of the sign!!! are you kidding me!!! Do you even understand or know your products!!! What makes you think that these plastic signs have a MAC address!!! They requested a photo of the box to prove that it doesn’t show a serial number (which I’ve provided). I’ve finally had enough wasting my time talking to these customer service reps that clearly do not know the products they’re selling. I’ve requested to be connected to a manager because I’m not willing to waste my time anymore dealing with CSRs that clearly don’t understand their products. I really don’t understand what the difficulty is… I’ve provided all necessary information for my defective product. You determined a replacement was necessary and yet why am I wasting hours of my life going back and fourth with no end in sight.


Yes all the time reps not trained on products!

Name any company that their Tier One support does anything other than read scripts and do searches in Knowledgebase Articles?
I’ve encountered even “business class” support doing the same and one wastes time with them when Tier Two or Three typically has the knowledge.

Very frustrating. I had my solar sign replaced a month ago & it is malfunctioning exactly as the other one. I have spent too much time on it & give up

As mentioned above, our support team is happy to assist further. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support. :slight_smile: