Issues with Ring Pro 1 - COMPLAINT

Our hardwired Ring Pro 1 was working fine, until it stopped receiving power, it was diagnosed by Ring that the transformer needed replacing, the transformer was replaced (with a 2nd gen supplied by RIng) and still no power, so Ring provided the original transformer, this was replaced again and still no power. While on the phone to Ring yesterday, with an electrician in attendance was told that if we use the 2nd gen transformer (slimline black one) we didn’t need the pro power kit, so it was wired up in the chime and all back working.

As of last night it seems as though it has lost WiFi connection and won’t enter set-up mode with just a white light around the push button, pushing it will create a blue light and sound for all of 3 seconds. The help agent today told me I now need the pro power kit installed.

I’m getting extremely frustrated at this issue not being resolved for circa 2 months and currently £100 out of pocket to electricians, and now being told I need to get another one out again. And all you get is an apology and we are still without a working video doorbell.

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Likely your WiFi issue is because the WiFi signal is week. Try moving your router or a WiFi extender (or similar) closer to your doorbell.

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