Issues: Timestamp on downloaded video, scrolling to a specific date and missed recording

Using Ring app on Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Recently, I had to download video from Ring indoor camera and I noticed that the downloaded file is named as RingVideo_20220910_043935.mp4. This is wrong as the video recording is from 8/15. Then I realized that even Ring doorbell has the same problem. When I download recordings, the file names have the date/time of when I download. This is not right. The files should have date/time of when the recording was made. Ring should fix this. I should not have to go through each file to find it’s date/time.

The date/time is always in bottom right hand corner and is always tiny font white color. I am recording against almost white background which makes it nearly impossible to see the date/time. These file names also make it impossible to sort the files by name till I manually rename them. Not sure why the Ring “technical teams” think that this is a good idea to name files like this. This is technical incompetence.

The second problem I faced was that when I was trying to go to a specific date in the event history, I had to scroll through hundreds of events to get to the date. Why isn’t there a date picker which lets me pick the date of the event and then show me all events for that date? I was trying to get to 8/15/2022 on 9/10/2022. So, I had to scroll through event history of 25 days. It took a while.

After navigating to specific date to check out an incident, I found that the camera had completely missed out the approach of first car. The car had approached the parking lot monitored by camera, the driver parked the car, got out and walked to the door. The entire event was missed. The second part of event when a second vehicle drove by was recorded. Both events happened within minutes of each other, so this makes the camera unreliable. Now I am thinking: what else did it miss?

From reading posts on this forum, I know that Ring team will say that all this is normal, but I do not accept this. I am posting these issues so other users are aware. Since Ring will not fix any of these issues, I am personally researching other products which do not have these limitations.

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Hi @AGupta. Thanks for sharing your feedback here. Regarding the timestamp on a downloaded video showing the date when you are downloading the video, this behavior is intended. This concern was addressed in a similar thread here. For any feature suggestions or updates, such as a different format for the timestamp on downloaded videos, please leave them on the Feature Request board.

As for the motion detection concerns, I’d be happy to offer any clarification or troubleshooting tips if you can provide some more information. Which model of Security Camera do you have monitoring the parking lot? Some settings and options can different between the different models and I want to ensure that I’m providing relevant information.