Issue with Bticino 344625


I’ve received yesterday my ring intercom and was able to install it very easily. My intercom is a bticino 344625. However, I have 2 problems:

  1. the app intercepts whenever someone buzzes but when I pick up audio is not working i.e. I cannot hear the person speaking outside nor can the person hear me speaking through my phone.
  2. after installing ring, my intercom stopped giving signal whenever someone buzzes the front door which is something I would like to keep. Does this mean that once ring is installed, I will only know when someone is at the door with the notifications on my phone and not through the existing intercom anymore?

Everything else seems to be working properly including buzzing the door. I’ve redone the installation, checked the wires but the behavior is the same. I’ve attached a picture of my installation.

Thanks in advance for any help.