Issue/bug with new app 5.25.0 release With iPad - Screen turning

Latest app release 5.25.0 bug with having to rotate your iPad every time you leave live view. Left message with tech today. There is no real way to communicate an issue like this into help or speak directly with software engineers.


Yes, I noticed this happened after the last ring app update. Timeline playback only available in vertical mode on iPad. Please fix!

Yes, I noticed the same issue of the screen not going to a horizontal orientation for the iPad screen which does not let you play back motion events. This is very inconvenient for the user and leaves the playback feature stuck in a vertical screen orientation, if the feature was available in the last update why was it changed in the recent release. It should be a simple feature to fix if it was available before. Please fix this soon. Thank you

I use a keyboard with my iPad so it is almost always in the landscape view. having to fold up the keyboard and hold it is inconvienent. Please bring back the landscape view.