Is there anyway to disable the live view time out?

I think the live view timeout is very annoying. Is there any way to have live view on forever when needed? Also, a view-only mode that will not leave a record on the timeline will be great. I am using a ring indoor cam in my daughter’s room as a baby monitor so I can keep an eye on her when at work, but I don’t want to reactive the live view every few minutes and don’t want to leave a record on the timeline when my wife is changing her diapers.

I have seen this question answered in another post and the answer is no continuous live view according to Ring. They said it was because of storage issues. I think it is because the camera and processor heats up and it shuts off to prevent overheating such as on DSLR cams.

I don’t think so, I sometimes use live view continuously, every time it timed out, I turn it on for more than two hours and I found no issues.